Community Guidance re Friday, Oct 13 Day of Action

October 13, 2023

On October 10, 2023, Hamas issued an official statement designating Friday, October 13, 2023, a day of action titled “the Friday of al-Aqsa Flood.” In their announcement, they called on the international community to voice solidarity with the Palestinian people and their cause by engaging in mass gatherings. They also called on individuals living in the West Bank and East Jerusalem to take part in mass protests against Israel.

A video has also surfaced featuring founding member and former Hamas leader, Khaled Mashal, praising the recent attack and calling on everyone to mobilize. He allegedly called on people in the region, particularly, to engage in uprising and resistance. He also allegedly encouraged individuals around the world to engage in the “Friday of Al-Aqsa Flood” to send a message of solidarity and anger to Zionists and America. He stated that jihad is everyone’s duty and an individual responsibility. The video appears to have been removed from mainstream sources.

The JSA is in close coordination with each other and our law enforcement partners, and at this time there are no known credible threats to the Jewish communities in New York and New Jersey. Accordingly, we are advising institutions to remain open and operational. However, given the heightened tensions, we encourage the following security precautions and procedures be implemented at your institutions:

  • LIMITED BUILDING ACCESS: Limit your building access to only one entrance/exit. Ensure all doors remain locked at all times and are only unlocked to admit known individuals. Do not open doors for unknown individuals.
  • DROP OFF & PICK UP: Security and staff should be outside at this time and on the lookout for any suspicious individuals in these high traffic times.
  • PERIMETER SWEEP: Upon opening your institution, conduct an outside sweep of your building’s perimeter. Report any suspicious items or individuals lurking outside to law enforcement immediately.
  • CAMERA COVERAGE: Ensure all building cameras are on and properly recording. Designate an individual to review security footage continuously throughout the day.
  • SYSTEMS CHECKS: Ensure that anything that is battery powered or electronically controlled is working properly. This could include access controls, panic buttons, AEDs etc.
  • MAIL AND DELIVERIES: Screen any packages and mail thoroughly that comes to the building. If you didn’t order it, do not accept it. Review your institution’s procedures for suspicious mail.
  • ACTIVE THREAT PROTOCOLS: Review your institution’s active threat situation protocols and ensure relevant staff is up to date on procedures. Consider conducting an
    institution-wide drill.
  • LAW ENFORCEMENT: Connect with your local law enforcement and provide them your schedule over the coming days, including school and prayer times.

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