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Preventing future tragedies | Fire safety

March 24, 2015

01_fdny_top_seven_fire_safety_rules_englishNew York Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro met with a broad array of leaders of Jewish communities in New York on Monday, March 23rd, 2015. While the meeting was scheduled to focus on fire safety on Passover, Commissioner Nigro and the assembled chiefs were still devastated that they could not save the Sassoon children. The Commissioner suggested, and the attendees agreed that one of the best possible memorials to these “seven innocent lambs” is for us to take steps to ensure that such a tragedy never reoccurs. Please pray for a Please pray for their Refuah Shelema for Gila bat Siporah Frances and Siporah bat Gila.

NYC Groups wishing to schedule a fire safety education event should click to or call (718) 281-3870. Those outside of NYC should contact their local fire department. JCRC-NY calls on educators to educate students so that they can become “Junior Fire Marshals”, touring the house before Shabbat to check, e.g.,  if there are any frayed cords and/or the candles are in a safe place.

Fire alarms and a plan:

  • Install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. We learned that over 75% of the fire fatalities in NYC are in structures without adequate, functional smoke alarms.
    • One smoke alarm in the home is not enough. Homes should have, at least, one smoke alarm/carbon monoxide detector on every level, including the basement.
    • New specifications. As of April 2014 all new and replacement smoke alarms in multiple dwellings and private homes must have a sealed 10 year battery that is non-removable and non-replaceable. It must also have an audible “end of life” warning.
    • Test the alarms and change the batteries.  Alarms have test buttons, test them at least once a month, even if your alarm uses a long-life battery or is powered by household electricity. Replace the batteries, in the spring and the fall when clocks are changed for daylight saving time. (Change Your Clock, Change Your battery).
    • All alarms, even hard-wired ones, need to be changed every 10 years.
    • For more FDNY information click here.
  • Have a home fire escape plan. It’s not enough to have a smoke alarm. Protect your family by planning and practicing a home fire escape plan. Click here for more information.
  • Conduct a home fire safety inspection. Here’s a checklist to get started and one designed as an activity for kids.

Learn more Jewish-specific information from these FDNY publications (thanks to FDNY Chaplain Rabbi Joseph Potasnik):